January 26, 2011

Rhymes with Wednesday

1. Woke up craving these brownies from Kitchen Corners. Still figuring out whether that's a good or bad thing..

2. On a dreary Wednesday morning like today, this blog is one of my first tabs to open up on my laptop.

Cute sayings. Adorable photos. And the occasional witty one-liner it's the perfect site to brighten up a morning that's full of winter weather warnings (even though I'm sure we'll just get rain) and the realization that, like yesterday, I won't be home until near 10 p.m. after I leave at 9 this morning.

& I could definitely go for some takeout when I get home tonight...I think this is perfect for a young, fun, and fashionable college student

3. I have a new found desire to live in Colorado/Utah at some point in my life.

I just want to spend the days enjoying snow, skiing, being outdoors, and then spend the nights cooking and baking for my family & friends...Here's a photo of what I imagine it like from one of my favorite blogs.

4. From my favorite Cupcakes and Cashmere comes Tangerine Trees and Marmalade Skies. One of my two favorite colors besides turquoise, you must go see these cute finds.

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