January 6, 2011


So here's a few pictures from the past few days I spent in northern Virginia visiting my friends from school. I had never really been up to NOVA before, besides to visit my aunt & uncle, and I was really excited to visit everyone before we head back to school. A few highlights:

1. I tried Thai food for the first time and fell in love, especially with drunken noodles, yum!

2. Our day trip to Georgetown was sunny, 49 degrees and absolutely beautiful. I've always wanted to live in a townhouse up there later on in life and this trip reaffirmed that fact :)

3. Jessica's birthday dinner at Sweet Water Tavern. I got their 'short smoked salmon' which was basically the best one of the best types of salmon I've had thus far. They "cold smoke" it before cooking it, giving it a buttery texture and a sweet smoky flavor finished with a teriyaki marinade. And doughnut rolls served with herb honey butter instead of the usual bread basket, what could be better?

4. I got to ride the grizzley (aka, an ATV) which I haven't done in years, so fun!


  1. Sweet water is amazing. Did you get to have an ozzie roll? Sooooo good

  2. Ah I don't think so? My friends go there all the time so they just said to bring out the doughnut rolls..are they the same thing? I couldn't stop eating them!